What about moving from React to Angular

Leandro A. Siqueira
2 min readDec 10, 2022


A personal perpective from my year review and some personal thoughts

Hello Folks, I`m out of here for a while, but, here I am again!

It was an incredible year, with a lot of changes, moving out from my comfort zone, changing jobs and moving to a new house, and the most important, marriage!

Well, besides all those change, I am also changing all my perpective, changing my career from a Technical Lead on the last few years, to become a Developer again, but now, programing with Angular, a framework that I neve came close #angular #scary.

I always love the Front-End besides de Back-End, and my focus on the last 5 years was to work with React, Next and all the related technologies of this world, and I never put a single console.log using Angular in my entire life, well, plus that, I am a fan of React since the begining.

Angular it’s not too hard

Well, it’s, it is a little bit hard at the beginning, TypeScript is on your way, and it’s lovely to see it working while you type your code. It was painful to figure out how a Service work, why a Service, a Component, an Spec, an Interface and a Model together? What those guys are doing here?

When I pay attention to the separation of concerns, all got clear, it look alike my code are shining. And now looks so easy.

Mind Blowing

Well, looks easy, but not too easy, create and work with simple projects it is easy, but when you attach data from API and need to use Observables, Subjects and Behaviors, things got mad at the beginning, how that works? Why I need to turn around-the-clock to get my data on my project? That’s my next step.

Store and the NgRx

Well, seems to be quite essy, the concept is simple, a single source of true, but it’s painful instead, I am working hard to acknowledge the concept and apply it on my daily projects, SST (Single Source of True) is to mastering the S.O.L.I.D concepts, and Angular with NgRx do that beautiful.

For now on

I hope to evaluate my knowlegde, and I`ll try to put some examples here, you can also follow my Github: https://github.com/leandroaps and try to see some of my experimentation working with both of this technologies.

Wish you guys a happy new year and all your wishes come true! Happy 2024!

#angular #front-end #ngrx



Leandro A. Siqueira

Well, I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer!