React there and back again

Leandro A. Siqueira
2 min readMay 12


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Seattle ❤

Well, I moved my skills to learn Angular on the last year, it was so hard to understand everything that happens under de hood, that make my head blow away. It was a good period at Itaú Tech, then, the destiny changed my way and I moved on to a new challenge.

Here at the Pravaler we still use Angular on the front-end of our portal and now we are researching to exchange it to the React environment, so, theres for Angular, and back again to React, and making my researches on the field of React, I found the Remix Run,, and I can tell, Holy Mother, what an awesome tool, Remix makes your life using React so easy that can't be truth.

So, I'll just talk about my first impression about Remix Run:

  • Uses Vite ( /as main builder, Vite is so fast, and the bundle are so small compared to CRAm 47MB from Vite against 141MB from CRA, it's a huge difference on the bundle size, the build process is too quickly and fast.
  • Remix uses Tailwind as main CSS framework, it was so beautiful, and Tailwind has thousands of components available, that makes our life more easier.
  • Remix uses Cypress for E2E tests, and Cypress is a life savior, it is easy to write code, fast, has full support for thousands of browsers, records sessions, it is just perfect, but I will test Vitest in the near future.
  • Has a BFF integrated using Prisma DB, makes a gateway so easy to be created.
  • Dockerfile with small customizations.
  • And a great welcome card with Prettier, ESLint and Typescript already setup.

I will make more tests on the couple weeks, but I can say, Remix Run is an awesome tool to work with React.



Leandro A. Siqueira

Well, I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer!