Picture by Paweł Kadysz (https://twitter.com/pawelkadysz)

Being a Front-End Developer in 2019

Leandro A. Siqueira
2 min readAug 23, 2019

Well Folks, it’s a long journey from my side, working with Web Development since 1999, working with tables and marquees for Netscape, hosting in the Geo-cities! Ouch!

Such a long time from now, that we have plenty of tools, frameworks, guidelines, multiple devices, automated tests and we have content to study. Yeah!

But this can put you down if you don’t focus and create a direction for your proficiency and skills.

Today I’m focusing to improve my skills with React and React Hooks and learning about to write clean code following some compliance.

Here’s some of my tools and helpers on my daily routine:

  • My main OS is Ubuntu 19.04 running on a Dell Latitude 7490.
  • Working with VS Code as main IDE and also Sublime Text sometimes, but I can’t rollback to Sublime on my daily coding.
  • Containerizing everything with Docker and hosting on Kubernetes and also Heroku.
  • Studying more about Cypress.ci and Puppeteer to automate my tests.
  • Bootstrap and Tailwind as CSS frameworks and also learning more about CSS Grids.
  • And also, a lot of Spotify playlists such Deep Focus and “Foco no estudo” to keep my concentration ahead.
  • To clear my mind after a daily work I’m trying more about meditation and Yoga, help a lot.

That’s all for now folks!

Keep in touch and tell what are you daily routine on the comments.